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Future Rushmar Champions ... Come from Champions

We have puppies available from two select breedings!  There are several stunning show prospects as well as some absolutely lovely pet puppies available.  Please contact me via e-mail at for additional information.  Thank you!

Photo Available Soon! Available:
2 Blonde Males
1 Sable Male

CH Rushmars Fairy Tale Princess
Rushmar's Ball of Fire
(1/2 Brother to BISS CH Rushmar's Charmer)
X Group Winning CH Rushmar's Fairy Tale Princess


Kai-La-Sha's Black Tie Affair Available:
6 Golden Sable Girls
2 Golden Sable Boys 
CH Rushmars Tyme Ta Parti 
Kai-La-Sha's Black Tie Affair  CH Rushmar's Tyme Ta Parti 

1. Rushmar reserves show picks from litter A and B.  We will be evaluating the litters between 8 to 10 weeks of age to determine which puppies we wish to retain and which puppies may become available.

2. Litter C show picks are available if any should develop.  Litter C is closely related to all of the breeding dogs at our kennel and therefore will be available to show and pet homes. There is a chance that we may retain a male puppy from this litter - if we do so then a Champion male from our kennel will become available. 

3. Breeding prospects will be evaluated at the time show prospects are evaluated.  These are puppies that we believe at the time of evaluation phenotypically will not meet our extremely exacting expectations for the show ring; however, they possess no disqualifying faults, overall are a good representation of the Rushmar line, and genotypically they should consistently produce within the standards of the Rushmar "type."

4. Pet quality puppies will be available in every litter.  Puppies identified as show and breeding prospects may be selected by pet homes unless being retained by Rushmar.  All pets will be placed with a spay or neuter contract.  We appreciate your understanding.  Please be aware that there is a difference in the price between a pet and show quality puppy.

5. Entry level enthusiasts are encouraged to contact us regarding our Lhasa Apsos. We understand that gaining access into the "exclusive" dog show world can be formidable. We encourage anyone who would like to become involved in showing a Lhasa Apso to contact us - we would love to have you become a part of this wonderful breed!

 6. Please understand that if you are only interested in a Rushmar Lhasa Apso in order to breed your dogs for profit then we would not be interested in selling you a dog.  We thank you for visiting our website and appreciate your interest in Rushmar Lhasa Apsos but will not be able to help you with your breeding program.

7. We are absolutely always interested in talking to wonderful pet homes - not only for our puppies but also for young adolescents that might not have worked out in the show ring or for Champions that have finished their show career.  If you are interested in sharing your home with a Lhasa Apso (but might not want to go through the "joys" of puppyhood) we might just have a Lhasa that no longer wants to act like a puppy that would love to come and live on your couch!


We will be posting puppy pictures soon... just as soon as the babies have turned in to something a bit more active than little bits of fur searching for breakfast. :-)


Please note: If you are interested in obtaining a show or pet prospect from one of these litters you MUST get in touch with us as soon as possible.  The puppies are typically already spoken for before they are ready to leave their mother.  Please give us a call to discuss your needs and we will gladly place you on our waiting list.

See you in the ring,

Rushmar Lhasas Apsos

Rushmar Lhasas breeds to produce future champions.  We often place show quality puppies in pet homes because we simply cannot show them all.  Because we almost always have several dogs in the show ring at any given time, we typically have one or two litters of puppies a year in order to have our next up and coming Champion waiting to go in the ring.

Not only do we have the occasional litter of puppies available, but we will sometimes have a lovely retired show dog available as well. 

We pride ourselves on our honesty at Rushmar Lhasas.  We will not misrepresent our dogs or their potential.  We understand how difficult it can be to acquire a quality Lhasa if you are new to the breed.  Whether you are looking for an exceptional quality pet or a potential champion, if you're interested in a Rushmar Lhasa please contact us via telephone or e-mail.  We welcome your inquiries.


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